Why aren’t parents guiding their boys and girls down the path to a prosperous career in the skilled trades?

“At a time when skilled trades are in more demand than ever, we have the opportunity to help women substantially improve their standard of living. While women are fairly well-represented in a few service-sector trades – florists and hair stylists, for example – they are seriously underrepresented in trades such as electricians, heavy duty mechanics, welders and millwrights.” (Marcia Smith, More women in skilled trades is a win-win, The Globe and Mail)

The skilled trades are occupations that require a specialized set of skills, knowledge, as well as a variety of certifications. Even though more women have been getting into the skilled trades, the gender mix remains highly unbalanced. In 2012, men accounted for roughly 92% of all skilled trade workers! This is a number that has barely changed over the past two decades. This is extremely concerning given the fact that Canada’s labour market is already suffering from a mass shortage of skilled workers within the trades.

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Why are Canada’s youth not willing to pursue a Career in a Skilled Trade?

“Canada’s shortage of handy skilled-trades workers — including mechanics, welders and construction staff — is likely to get worse as the number of qualified older workers approaching retirement outnumbers the younger ones who will take their place, according to new data from Statistics Canada.” (Jason Fekete, Young Canadians are backing away from skilled trades, StatsCan finds, http://www.canada.com)

Statistics Canada recently released information from its 2011 National Household Survey, more specifically details on education in Canada. The data shows that a large number of skilled trades professions, including welding, will face significant labour shortages in the coming years. They were able to come to this conclusion by comparing the lower proportion of adults aged 25-34 with a trades certificate to the higher portion of older adults aged 55-64 who are near retirement with a trades certificate.

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Trades, Technical Trades, Skilled Trades Companies and The Welding Consultants That Can Meet Your Needs

“Currently there is a skilled trades shortage in Ontario and it has reached an all-time high,” says Mani Goulding, Director of Talent Management at Ontario Power Generation (OPG). 

“It is a fact that 26% of Ontario’s skilled trades professionals will be eligible for retirement within 10 years. This coupled with an ever-increasing gap between organizations’ staffing requirements and candidate pool availability within the skilled trades sector has caused great challenges for employers.”  (Linda White,Skilled trades shortage ‘at an all-time high’, Canoe.ca)


Roughly 26% of Ontario’s workers in the skilled trades will be eligible for retirement during the next decade. This, along with the increase in jobs projected to be created spells disaster for Canada. The government have had some good ideas and relative success with regards to the Apprenticeship Programs that have been put in place. One of the problems is that a large majority of companies do not want Apprentices who are totally green and end up being more of a hazard or a liability in the workplace.

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The 2015 Pan Am Games, Skilled Trades and the lack of People Trained in the Trades

Premier Kathleen Wynne recently marked the one-year countdown to the 2015 Pan American Games. Thus far Ontario has made significant progress with regards to its preparations for the 2015 games. The construction of the facilities is said to be creating 26,000 jobs for Ontarians. In addition, Ontario is “expanding” its Pre-Apprenticeship program to help roughly 200 people train…


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Advanced Welding Techniques Inc.

Welding Job Opportunities at National Steel Car in Hamilton, Ontario.


NATIONAL STEEL CAR is a progressive industry leader dedicated to the manufacturing of railway rolling stock. Our dedication to customer satisfaction, the competitive spirit of our people and our commitment to excellence in everything we do have earned us our distinguished reputation. 

Currently seeking qualified individuals for the following positions: 

Currently we are seeking 
individuals interested in training to become welders for upcoming 
orders in July 2014. 

Candidates selected for training will be provided:
2 Weeks of intensive training by skilled welding instructors. 
Candidates will receive thorough training in FCAW processes and 

Competitive wages up to $20.35 an hour plus full benefits after 580 hrs 

Full time 40 hour per week job opportunity 

All individuals can apply online or send a fax 
to the information below. 

Please respond in confidence to:
Human Resources 
P.O. Box 2450 
Hamilton, Ontario L8N 3J4 
Fax: (905) 544-1633 
Email: employment@steelcar.com 

Advanced Welding Techniques Inc.

Misconceptions in the skilled trades

Misconceptions in the skilled trades

The survey conducted by the Women’s Enterprise of Skills Training reveals that far too many young people still have misconceptions about women and the skilled trades. It`s important that those misconceptions and stereotypes do not go unchallenged…

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The battle against the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT)

The battle against the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT)

“ North America`s largest construction union has joined the fight against the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT).“ Some unions have gone as far as accusing the Ontario College of Trades of threatening…

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